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Our family consists of 6 fully qualified and experienced swim teachers. Both Laura and Stacey have between them 4 children with additional needs that include adhd, asd, aspergers, hypermobility, global development delay, separation anxiety, severe generalised anxiety, curvature of the spine and macular degeneration (registered partially sighted) We understand that every individual with a neurological need is different and so we aim to nurture to their needs whilst teaching a valuable life skill. All we ask is that you can provide a free 'buddy' (A toy, sibling or best friend) to help them settle in! We live it so we get it!! and now we have exclusive hire of the newly refurbished Waterman school pool we can offer lessons for everyone! from parent and baby right through to adult beginners Message or call us at any time to discuss how we can get you or your loved one swimming




Nervous? Can't swim? Need to touch up your stroke? Not a problem, we are here to help! A lot of people feel pressure, judgement, and anxiety when it comes to learning to swim, especially adults. We're here to tell you, there's no shame, and we believe that everyone should be treated equally and without judgment! Our Swimming teachers want everyone to swim! And so, if you feel hesitant to learn, just know that we don't bite! Get in touch if you have any questions we may be able to help answering!





I started Diversity Swim School as I felt so many children with SEND were not being catered for. As a sen mum myself with 7 children (2 with diagnosed sen) and 1 child with a visual impairment. I know the struggle of getting my children's needs met. I've been a swimming teacher for around 5 years. I myself have a visual impairment so I truly understand the restrictions that having sen or a physical disability can put on people!



Hi there guys, I’m Beano, (or Joseph) and you’ll likely see me in a crash course during the half term holidays! I like to make sure the kids have a relaxed and fun time whilst they learn in the water, and have 4 years of experience by poolside, with half of them teaching, including SEN. I hope to help get your children swimming and splashing about as soon as I can!



Hello, my name is Toni and I am a full time swimming teacher here at Diversity. I have been teaching for 2 years an am fully qualified in first aid and water rescue. I have always loved the water but was encouraged to take up teaching by Laura and Stacey, they knew this would be a great career for me - and they were right! I love teaching and feel just as proud as the parents/guardians do when I see my swimmers progression.



I am a mum of two children on the spectrum. All I can say is I get it!! Swimming is a life skill that everyone if they wish could be able to learn i am grateful to be able to teach to anyone!