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Swim School For Toddlers

£44 Per 6 Week Block

Swim School For Toddlers In Essex

Have you been looking for a swim school for toddlers inside the Essex county? If you have, then you've come to the right place. At Diversity Swim School, we run a brilliant, highly-rated swim school for toddlers in Rochford, Essex. Our school doesn't just throw your toddlers in the water and expect them to swim; we teach them with compassion, in a fun and zero-pressure environment. We've had dozens of parents sign their toddlers up for our swim school, and so far, they've all loved it. We pride ourselves on our family feel, our comfortable setting, and our fun and happy outlook on swimming. So book your toddler in for a lesson. Our swim school for toddlers in Essex will get your child confident in water in no time! If you have any questions, please just get in touch, and we'll be more than sure to help out

Our swim school for toddlers is not only educational and effective, but it is also a fun experience for your children to join in on! Our family community love this aspect of Diversity Swim school, as we're always trying to enjoy ourselves whilst learning!

Not only do we have fun while we learn, at our swim school for toddlers, our staff dedicate themselves to a friendly and helpful service, always engaging both the toddler and the parent in friendly chat and fun. We're always here with a happy face, ready to help your toddler swim!

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In many other schools, we see a lot of children being left behind. Here at Diversity Swim School, in our swim school for toddlers, we make sure that every child from all backgrounds and ability get the fair chance to swim well and properly. No child will be left behind at our swim school for toddlers!



We're not called Diversity Swim School for no reason! Our staff have extensive experience in handling SEND toddlers, giving them the space and thought to learn at their own pace and comfort. Our swim school for toddlers is friendly to all, and we welcome toddlers from all walks of life. Our team family also have personal experience with SEND children, learning from their domestic experience. We all truly know the everyday challenges or difficulties a SEND child may face. Diversity Swim School makes sure that every detail in kept in mind, and every special need or requirement is considered in our swim school for toddlers.

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If you're not sure about our swim school for toddlers in Essex, then please just get in touch with Diversity Swim School today. We want to help, and we're more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding our swim school for toddlers. If you wish to book your child in for a lesson, then head over to our booking system, and get your toddler enrolled in our swim school for toddlers today. Thank you for reading - we hope to see you around and in the pool very soon!