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We're located in Rochford, Essex! If you feel as though you're a little too far, don't worry, just go over to our contact page and see the map. Request directions and you can see if Diversity Swim School is for you. Our swimming lessons in Essex are widely and highly recommended, always trying to go above and beyond what is expected of us. So, if you'd like a quality swimming lesson in Essex, then please get in touch and book a lesson today. We'd love to see some more new faces around here. We're constantly getting new swimmers through the door each day, and would love to see some more!

Swimming lessons in Essex have never been more fun! We encourage a safe and fun environment in which anyone can learn to swim without stress nor pressure. That's the environment we strive to create!

Our team of teachers are friendly, understanding, and will give you or your children the space to breathe and learn at your own pace. You can always talk and speak with us, and we'll be more than happy to listen.

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A swimming lesson in Essex should be fair and equal. Everybody should be treated the same, no matter their background or ability, and we strive to ensure that no swimmer is left behind. 




We're not called Diversity Swim School for no reason. We understand the daily struggles a SEND person may deal with. We have years of professional and personal experience with SEND individuals and are more than understanding about all required needs and special details. We don't just push you or your child to the side - we pick them up and encourage them at their own pace. Everyone deserves a good swimming lesson, especially in Essex.

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If you're interested in our swimming lessons in Essex, then please get in touch. Either book on our new booking system, or contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out. If you have any detailed questions regarding our Swimming Lessons In Essex, then yet again, just get in touch, and we'll happily answer all of your burning questions to the best of our ability.