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Tier 2!!

So with ecc moving into tier 2 restrictions how does that affect your lessons i hear you ask?? Long and short is .... it doesn't (thankfully) our rules remain the same

  1. Come swim ready (this doesn't apply to parent and baby lessons)

  2. ALL spectators must wear a mask

  3. keep distance on poolside (this may mean standing)

  4. If you or your child have symptoms of covid or have been told to isolate please stay at home

  5. Dont use showers unless you have confirmed with me before hand (medical/skin conditions)

  6. Use the 1 way system to collect your child after lessons

  7. If a child can change themselves let them! This greatly reduces traffic in changing rooms

Thank you to everyone that have supported us through out the last few months, your compliance keeps us running and everyone safe ❤

Laura xx


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We can not wait to get back to what we love!!!! We start back on December 7th following the lifting of restrictions on December 3rd We have spaces available please go the diversity-swim-school.class4k

in line with the government announcement we are closed until December 7th at the earliest this is a huge blow for diversity but we will be back as soon as we can :) love to you all Laura x