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£44 Per 6 Week Block


Diversity Swim School's classes for kids are a brilliant way to get your children involved in the water! Our team are friendly, fun, and effective - helping kids from all backgrounds achieve their wildest swimming dreams. We offer swim classes for kids of all ages, from baby to teen. These include 1 on 1 swim classes for kids, 1 on 2's, group kid classes, baby and parent lessons, preschool classes, and finally, our crash courses that you can find on our new booking system! if you're interested in our swim class for kids, then have a look and don't forget to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding our swim class for kids!

Our swim class for kids is a wonderful environment for your kids to learn to swim. We love to have fun too, mixing lessons with engaging and fun classes that'll keep you kids enticed.

Our staff are friendly, and above all, helpful and caring. our swim class for kids will cater for every kids needs, ensuring that they are comfortable at all times.

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We don't beleive a swim class for kids should be a battleground for attention, or scramble for help. our fair swim classes for kids give every child from all backgrounds and abilities the chance to learn to swim at their own speeds.



We're not called Diversity Swim School for no reason. Our staff are highly trained in dealing with kids with additional needs. Many of us teachers, have our own experience with SEND children in our personal lives, and totally understand the everyday struggles it may all present. This makes our swim class for kids perfect for every and all children, as we truly understand the special attention to detail SEND children require and deserve.

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If you want to enroll your child in our swim classes for kids, then go over to our booking system today and see what suits your child best. If you're confused or feel as though you're not sure where your child may fit in, then please get in touch today, and we'll be sure to answer any of your burning questions you may have regarding our swim classes for kids. We hope to see you round here soon! - Diversity Swim School