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Swimming Class For Toddlers

£44 Per 6 Week Block

Swimming Class For Toddlers

At Diversity Swim School, we strive to run the best swimming classes for toddlers. We function in Rochford, Essex, and welcome anyone in and aorund the local area who are interested in getting their toddlers enrolled for some amazing swimming classes! we offer group classes for toddlers, 1:1 classes for toddlers, 1:1 classes for toddlers, and more. We also like to make our swimming class for toddlers as friendly, and as calm as possible - letting parents sit by the pool and encourage and ease the toddler. We love running our swimming class for toddlers, and would be more than happy to see some new friendly faces turn up in the coming weeks. We've got plenty of space, so if you're concerned, just go over to our new booking system and get your toddler in a swimming class today!

We try to make sure that our swimming class for toddlers is as fun and happy as we can. Yet, we maintain a high level of learning, keeping the toddler involved at all times!

Our friendly team are there for your toddlers throughout the swimming class. We answer all and every questions, and love giving our all to the next generation of swimmers!

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We don't like having any toddler feel like they're being left behind. Our swimming class for toddlers will push every toddler fairly and equally, no matter their background or ability!



Diversity Swim School specialises in teaching SEND children to swim. The swimming classes for toddlers might be an intimidating step for a child, and so, we run SEND-friendly classes. Our team have extensive experience with SEND toddlers and understand the everyday struggles you as a parent might face. Our swimming class for toddlers reflects that experience, and we strive to focus on every individual need of each toddler learner.

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Swimming Class for toddlers


If you want your toddler enrolled in one of our swimming classes for toddlers, then get in touch today, either by emailing us, or booking a lesson through our fancy new booking system! If you have any issues, or any questions regarding our swimming class for toddlers, then please don't hesistate, and get in touch. We'll answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. Diversity Swim School runs the perfect swimming classes for your toddler, so book!